Spells and readings by Amanda Wood

Ritual of Revenge Against Colleagues or Boss


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Revenge againts a colleague or a boss. 

I am a spell caster specialist.


I will cast the spell for you, you have nothing to do. I will protect you in any cases.


Buy 2 to have the spell triple cast!

Buy 3 to have this spell cast 5 times!


Powerful Revenge ritual spell against colleagues


This is an extremely powerful but totally manipulative black magic spell.

It can be cast on a man or woman.


You are harassed, manipulated, victim of rumors, they hurt you, this spell is done for you!


I am a specialist in revenge spells. I will perform this black magic spell to help you to revenge against people who hurt you. 


Its action, particularly powerful, produces disturbances increasing bad vibrations.


I will email you upon purchase so that I will perform your desires for the spell work.


Please provide me:

- Target's Name and Birthday:

- if possible a photo of targets involved in the session

- Yours wishes

- Brief History of Situation


  I will send you the report in pdf file when I finish the performance of the spell.

Of course, all informations sent remain absolutly confidential.


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