Spells and readings by Amanda Wood

Couple session 7 chakras cleansing and rebalancing


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Seven chakras cleansing and rebalancing session for a couple. 

I will perform this personalized session to clean the 7 chakras of each person and to rebalance the energy flow circulation in the couple.

This session helps when:

-there are jealousy/envies issues surrounding the relationship coming from a toxic environment

-doubts, fear, anxiety about the outcome of a relationhip

-communication issues in the couple

-tensions, frequent arguments, unsaid things...

It contributes to realign the energies and to make the couple communicate more by helping  to feel more grounded and at peace with emotions. Auras are cleaned in depth and realigned to be in the same wavelenght. 

It is recommended when during or after a reconciliation process, when partners are getting more distant.

Buy 2 to have the session triple cast! 

Buy 3 to have this spell cast 5 times!

 Please provide me:

- Target's Name and Birthday:

- a photo of the targets involved in the session

- Yours wishes

- Brief History of Situation


I will send you the report in pdf file when I finish the performance of the session.

Of course, all informations sent remain absolutly confidential.


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