Spells and readings by Amanda Wood

Spell to curse an object


Spell to curse an object, black magic ritual to cast a black hex

I am Amanda a spell caster specialist.


I will cast this black spell for you to curse an object in black magic vibrations  

-to provoke breakdowns


-prevent sleep

-prevent harmony and inner peace

-provoke guilt


Buy 2 to get this ritual triple cast.

Buy 3 to get this ritual cast 5 times.

Each time owner of the object will touch or use it, it will attract a charge of negativity.


This hex fits well with revenge rituals and break up rituals.


Please for this ritual provide me:


-one or several pic of object to curse

-name of owner of the object and area of living


I will send you the report in pdf file when I finish the performance of the spell.

 Of course, all informations sent remain absolutly confidential.


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